A blurring of the lines between digital and shopper marketing with massive profits for retailers.
A handy resource to get you started on the journey to build a solid adtech foundation within your digital marketing organization.
The resolution and interoperability of third-party targeting data continues to deteriorate while first-party data remains a strategic asset.
Google's re-announcement has the digital ad industry on tilt. Here's who really needs to be concerned.
Changing ad agencies not only impacts your media buying and operations. It often means a change in your entire ad tech stack. What to consider if makin…
The next chapter in AdLingo's CTV deep dive series with focus on ecosystem platers, M&A, measurement FUBAR, and things to watch.
The frothy connected television market has drawn the attention of marketers, investors, and content producers alike. This series breaks down the curren…
Marketers keep buying it even though the results are questionable.
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