Bill Duggan, EVP of the ANA presenting at at the ANA AFM conference in Orland, FL. May 2024. (Photo: Travis Lusk / ADLINGO)

ANA: Transparency Report (Again)

The ANA is (still) presenting its "Programatic Transparency" study from last year. Perhaps that is because not enough brands have taken action on the results?

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Maybe this time it will stick?

Bill Duggan's keynote at the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference was not just a repeat of the presentation findings that have been out since June and December of 2023; it was an echoing cry to the advertising world to wake up and wise up about where their advertising dollars are going, particularly in the programmatic.

The presentation began with an overview of the ANA's report on programmatic advertising, where transparency and legitimate effectiveness reporting are often in short supply. Duggan explained that the report was released in two parts—first in June and then a complete version in December 2023 —to provide the industry with time to digest the findings and implement changes.

As Duggan went deeper into the report, he highlighted a particularly troubling issue: the prevalence of Made for Advertising (MFA) websites. These sites are the digital equivalent of junk food—cheap, lacking in nutritional content, and designed to lure in as many eyeballs as possible with sensationalist content.

The report found that a significant portion of advertising spend was wasted on these low-quality sites, which not only fail to deliver value but also pose risks in terms of brand safety and ad fraud.

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