Thomas Duncan from Kroger, Linda Lee from Campbell's, and Vassilis Bakopoulos from MMA Global. (Photo: Travis Lusk / ADLINGO)

"Moveable Middles" and the CMO + CFO Relationship

Major Unlock: Marketers go out of their way to ensure that their finance teams understand the value advertising drives in the business. These two panels at POSSIBLE attempt to bring those worlds together through new ways of driving and measuring success.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk
This edition of ADLINGO covers two separate sessions at POSSIBLE 2024, which are brought together here as one overview due to their overlapping and complementary subject matter. Jump down for the second session recap.

Tuesday at POSSIBLE 2024, the panel featuring Thomas Duncan from Kroger and Linda Lee from Campbell's Soup offered a reflective look at how major brands navigate the complexities of the "CMO+CFO misalignment" on the ROI of brand.

The session addressed strategies for leveraging consumer data and innovative marketing to drive value creation and customer loyalty. Vassilis Bakopoulos from MMA Global moderated the discussion, emphasizing the shift toward integrating brand and performance marketing.

Thomas Duncan, VP Head of Media, detailed how Kroger focuses on both customer acquisition and deepening loyalty through scientific and data-driven approaches. He highlighted that every marketing effort is essentially performance marketing, aiming to influence customer behavior whether through digital platforms or traditional media.

"It's all performance marketing; it's always been performance marketing," said Duncan. "There's a difference in the fidelity of the signal... but we were measuring it."

Linda Lee, CMO, shared insights on how Campbell's adapts to consumer needs, especially in challenging economic times. She pointed out the importance of providing value to customers, helping them stretch their dollars further through strategic product offerings.

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