David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of the IAB. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

IAB ALM: AI and Privacy Palooza

“Nothing stays the same for very long,” said new IAB Chair John Halley. “As executives it is our first day of school, every day. It is a gift. Also, it is a total pain in the ass.”

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

So your flight got delayed out of JFK, and you missed the opening sessions of IAB ALM 2024. Or maybe you just decided not to attend. Or you just never made it past Korals, the lobby bar at the Marriot Marco Island.

Whatever happened, here’s AdLingo’s recap of each session you missed.

  1. Remarks from Outgoing IAB Chair
    IAB’s outgoing Board Chair reflects on 2023.
  2. Remarks from the Incoming IAB Chair
    A 2024 preview.
  3. Thinking Like a Futurist: Navigating Tomorrow’s Marketing Landscape Today
    Ford, JP Morgan Chase
  4. The CMO Perspective
    Liberty Mutual, Best Buy, Unilever
  5. A Fireside Chat with Senator Marsha Blackburn
  6. Spotlight on Evolution: Kenan Thompson, Comedian/Actor

Day 1: ALM

Outgoing IAB Chair, Alysia Borsa and Chief Business Officer & President of Lifestyle at Dotdash Meredith. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

Outgoing IAB Chair Alysia Borsa (Chief Business Officer & President of Lifestyle at Dotdash Meredith) discussed 2023 IAB and industry accomplishments:

  1. Privacy and MSPA (Multi-Stakeholder Privacy Agreement): Borsa noted the progress of the MSPA, which has over 1,250 signatories and is continuously updated. She mentioned the introduction of a certification program for ad tech partners.
  2. Public Policy and Legal Affairs Team: She praised the team's education, influence, and advocacy efforts.
  3. Next-Gen Measurement: Emphasizing its importance, she looked forward to discussions at the conference and mentioned the Measurement Leadership Summit, which led to creating an Attention Metrics Taskforce. This task force is working on guidelines in partnership with the MRC.
  4. Facilitating Trust and Transparency: She discussed initiatives from the Tech Lab, particularly the Accountability Platform, which is in public comment and audits consumer choices.
  5. Acknowledgments: Borsa thanked David and the IAB Leadership Team for their accomplishments and partnership. She also expressed gratitude to industry participants for their engagement and feedback.

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John Halley, President of Paramount Advertising and IAB Board Chair. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

John Halley, President of Paramount Advertising and newly elected IAB Chair, addressed the year ahead of us.

“Our industry is in a constant state of adolecence. It keeps improving but it never grows up,” said Halley.

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