MFA Sites: The companies that operate them

Legitimate publishers also strategically include MFA content in their revenue mix. Why? Let's ask them.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Lately, we've been talking a lot about MFA sites. Depending on your digital religion, that's made-for-advertising or made-for-arbitrage. Recently, Jounce Media introduced the concept of "MFA blending."

In short, MFA blending is a practice in which otherwise legitimate publishers also incorporate some MFA-like content into their sites and feed it into the programmatic ecosystem for monetization.

Mixing some MFA content with aggressively monetized layouts presents the most difficult site curation challenge for brands. These are often "premium," known publications engaged in this practice. Consequently, brands are faced with the challenge of trying to weed out individual MFA impressions from their biddable buys or excluding the publication altogether.

h/t Stefan Bergmeier via LinkedIn.

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