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Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Welcome to the AdLingo newsletter. I am a digital marketing transformation specialist with a passion for helping marketers take control of their digital marketing.  Sounds like classic “consultant BS,” right?  True. Allow me to explain.

I believe that companies of all sizes are leaving a massive opportunity on the table by not taking full control of their digital marketing strategies, activations, and budgets and simply outsourcing it to third parties.  Too many brands are using a marketing model designed 20 years ago and wonder why their returns are falling off a cliff.

Becoming a digital-first brand is not a line item on a P&L. It requires a ground-up overhaul of the marketing department that tosses out the existing playbook. It is time to build the plane, in mid-air.

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Opinionated digital advertising practitioner, consultant for Fortune 100 Brands, and writer at ADLINGO.org.