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My notes from IAB ALM 2024

Peak inside my notes from the mainstage sessions (most of them) at IAB ALM: Day 2.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Back for Day 2 of the IAB ALM 2024 conference. I managed to attend almost all of the mainstage sessions. Many of us barely make it out of the lobby at these events and are buried in back-to-back meetings. Frankly, that’s why we attend.

So, if you missed a session, here are the highlights of what you may have missed from ADLINGO’s perspective.

I’ll have more hot takes on the outcomes of these sessions in the coming weeks.

One note, I didn’t provide a summary of the more “infomercial” like sessions (cough cough…Google and AmazonAds). However, I’ll do a deeper dive on those next week.

David Cohen, CEO of IAB’s keynote address at IAB ALM 2024. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

In this session, David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of the IAB, delivered his keynote for the 2024 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

It was notably less salty than last year’s ALM when Cohen took shots at Apple, referring to them as extremists and hypocrites.

This year’s speech covered a wide range of topics, reflecting on the challenges of 2023, the current global situation, and the critical juncture at which the digital industry finds itself.

And, for good measure, another jab or two at Apple.

  1. Global Issues: Cohen acknowledged the ongoing war in Ukraine, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the increasing frequency and severity of global crises, highlighting the complex world context in which the digital industry operates.
  2. Digital Evolution at a Pivot Point: He emphasized that the digital industry is at a pivotal moment, with traditional certainties fading and future directions yet to be fully defined. Cohen stressed the urgent responsibility of industry leaders to shape this future.
  3. Critique of Apple and Dialogue: Reflecting on his 2023 speech, Cohen mentioned his criticism of Apple's approach to data-driven advertising and the resulting dialogue with the company. He shared insights from consumer research contradicting Apple’s stance on advertising and data sharing.
  4. Consumer Research on Advertising Preferences: Cohen presented research findings that most consumers prefer ad-supported content over paying higher fees, indicating a general acceptance of the value exchange in advertising.
  5. FTC’s Stance on Advertising: Cohen noted that discussions with the FTC clarified that the commission is not anti-advertising, which is positive news for the industry.
  6. Advocacy Efforts in Washington: He highlighted ongoing efforts to engage with legislators and regulators, advocating for the digital advertising industry and striving for balanced policies that consider consumer privacy and industry health.
  7. Importance of IAB Tech Lab: Cohen underscored the role of IAB Tech Lab in developing technology standards and tools like the Global Privacy Platform and Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) to navigate evolving privacy regulations.
  8. Challenges of the Post-Cookie Era: He discussed the industry’s transition away from third-party cookies, necessitating new approaches to personalization, measurement, and data management.
  9. Streaming and Commerce at a Pivot Point: Cohen touched on the shifting landscape of streaming and commerce, calling for innovative approaches to measurement, currency, and retail media.
  10. Trust and Joy as Guiding Principles: Finally, Cohen emphasized the need for trust and joy in the industry. He advocated for supporting quality journalism, being open to dialogue, and embracing the challenges and opportunities that change brings.

Cohen's speech painted a picture of an industry at a crucial crossroads, facing significant external challenges and internal transformations. He called for proactive engagement, innovation, and a balanced approach to shaping the future of digital advertising and media.

Sheryl Goldstein, EVP Chief Industry Growth Officer at IAB, engaged in a conversation with Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pepsi. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

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