Kelly MacLean, VP of Amazon Ads DSP at IAB ALM 2024. (Photo: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

Amazonian AI

Kelly MacLean's speech at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting was a masterful blend of acknowledging AI fatigue while simultaneously serving up a hefty dose of Amazon's AI Kool-Aid.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

One of the things I appreciated most about IAB ALM this year was the curbing of pay-for-play mainstage sessions. There has to be some. The sand sculptures and cocktails in coconuts won’t pay for themselves.

So, I decided to handle the vendor-specific pitches keynotes separately from the rest of my notes.

To that end, let’s begin with: Amazon.

At last week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, Kelly MacLean, VP of Amazon Ads DSP at Amazon, offered a comprehensive overview of the current state and future of digital advertising…from the Amazon perspective.

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