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Preview: POSSIBLE 2024

Coming to you live from POSSIBLE 2024 in sunny Miami Beach, where the air is hot and the takes are even hotter. Plus, content track summaries and what to watch for.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Here at ADLINGO, we may be flying solo against the big media juggernauts, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for with a sharp eye for the offbeat and the outspoken.

While the big media companies and platforms parade their polished insights, we're here to dig deeper and uncover the real scoop on everything from the groundbreaking sessions to the buzzworthy keynotes—and of course, ADLINGO's signature take-no-prisoners analysis.

I'll attempt to cut through the noise to tell you what's pure hype, what's genuinely groundbreaking, what smells fishy, and what's actually worth your time.

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To kick things off, you'll find my quick overview of the content themes that POSSIBLE promises to deliver this week.

Adtech & Martech

Welcome to the magical mystery tour of data streams and marketing dreams, where Adtech and Martech to turn customer chaos into actionable insights (allegedly). If you've ever wondered how to make a pile of data look like a strategic masterpiece, this is your go-to track.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Blending adtech with martech for seamless customer journeys
  • Leveraging marketing automation to create unforgettable customer experiences
  • Optimizing marketing budgets like a pro

Brand Building & Advertising

Discover the art of selling without selling. Here, old school meets new school, and the discussion revolves around marrying brand integrity with performance metrics on platforms old and new—and keeping your brand's reputation from going viral for the wrong reasons.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Balancing brand values with performance data
  • Crafting brand experiences that resonate across diverse platforms
  • Safeguarding your brand’s reputation in the digital age

Customer Centricity & Experience

Step into the customer's shoes without tripping over new technology (maybe)! This track dives into designing strategies that not only tickle the fancy of the modern consumer but also keep businesses ahead in the customer-centricity race.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Integrating technology and human touch in customer experiences
  • Designing effective omnichannel strategies
  • Innovating customer interactions for enhanced engagement

Data & Analytics

A universe where first-party data strategies clash with privacy regulations. This track is a map to navigating the choppy waters of analytics, helping you make sense of the numbers while keeping consumer trust intact. Given all the hype in this segment, expect boatloads of spin and vague promises.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Harnessing data for deeper customer and business insights
  • Adapting to a post-cookie world with innovative data strategies
  • Building trust through responsible data practices

Media & Storytelling

Learn how to tell tales that stick! This track will show you how to turn your brand into the next great storyteller across an array of media platforms, ensuring your messages aren't just heard, but remembered.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Mastering various media channels for effective storytelling
  • Enhancing brand narratives through strategic media use
  • Connecting with audiences in a digital-dominated world

Business of Culture in Marketing

Navigate the cultural currents shaping tomorrow's markets. This track explores how tapping into cultural insights can lead to genuine connections that fuel brand loyalty and business growth, especially among the trendy Gen Z crowd.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Leveraging cultural intelligence in marketing strategies
  • Building authentic connections with diverse audiences
  • Adapting to demographic and social shifts

Organization Design

Revolutionize your marketing org chart! (Hey, I tried to make it sound exciting.) This track is all about equipping CMOs with the foresight to craft cutting-edge strategies and structures to thrive in a market where only the agile survive.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Forecasting and adapting to emerging marketing org trends
  • Designing flexible organization structures for dynamic markets
  • Aligning talent with future marketing needs

Social Impact & Purpose

Do well by doing good! Explore how brands are becoming citizens of the world, championing causes that resonate with today's conscious consumers, from sustainability to social equity.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Translating brand purpose into impactful consumer experiences
  • Navigating the complexities of brand activism and corporate responsibility
  • Integrating DEI effectively into brand strategies

Startups & Entrepreneurship

The world of market disruptors and innovation champions. This track is where visionary ideas meet market realities, teaching you to spot and seize opportunities in a world reshaped by startups. How many investors brought their checkbooks with them this week?

Themes to Watch For:

  • Identifying early signals of market shifts
  • Reinventing business models for the digital age
  • Embracing agility and innovation in entrepreneurship


Turn green into gold by embedding sustainability into your brand’s DNA. Learn how to not only talk the eco-talk but walk the eco-walk in every aspect of marketing, from design to dialogue.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Crafting compelling sustainability narratives
  • Integrating eco-friendly practices across marketing channels
  • Engaging with the eco-conscious consumer

AI & Innovation

From chatbots to deep learning, discover how AI is more than just a buzzword. This track will guide you through integrating smart technologies to redefine business efficiency and customer engagement. Will real humans present content made by real humans? Do real humans even need to attend this track? Can we just send our AI-selves?

Themes to Watch For:

  • Leveraging AI for marketing innovation and efficiency
  • Balancing innovation with ethical AI practices
  • Redefining marketing strategies in the AI era

Creator Economy

The billion-dollar business of content creation where influencers and user-generated content are not just trends, but essential elements of modern marketing strategies.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Capitalizing on the influence of content creators
  • Engaging audiences through authentic content
  • Navigating the economics of the Creator Economy


The newest darling child of the media marketplace. The sprawling world of eCommerce, from social selling to voice commerce. Learn how to create seamless shopping experiences where consumers love to click and buy.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Enhancing omnichannel customer experiences
  • Exploring innovative payment solutions
  • Prioritizing investments in the future of eCommerce

Virtual realities, blockchain, and the new Internet frontier redefine how marketers connect with their audiences. This track is your portal to understanding and leveraging the latest tech innovations.

Themes to Watch For:

  • Exploring virtual and augmented realities for immersive marketing
  • Understanding blockchain's impact on consumer trust and brand transparency
  • Harnessing innovations in gaming and the metaverse

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