Spotify, you nailed it!

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

Damn it Spotify, you really nailed it.

At a time when outdoor advertising couldn't get any more irrelevant, something like this Spotify campaign comes along and renews your faith in outdoor marketing.

As a marketer, media buyer, and strategy veteran, this speaks to me on a few levels.

First, as a consumer of the service, it makes me think that Spotify is really paying attention to its users. They're really trying to establish a relationship and say "We get you." It is also really cool to see the embarrassing things that other users listen to that are just as silly as what you've done, but would never admit.

As a marketer and media buyer, this really spikes my curiosity. This tells me that Spotify really understands their user behavior. They're really paying attention.

Spotify is using their user consumption data and patterns to uncover emotion.

Without directly saying so, they've shown me that they have the potential to do interesting things with their data to market themselves. So what could they do with my marketing dollars if I spend it with Spotify?

With as single campaign, I think they hit a B2C and B2B home run.

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