Walmart's Under-the-Radar Data Coup: VIZIO

In an era where first-party data is king, Walmart's acquisition of VIZIO is more than just a business expansion—it's a strategic incursion into the future of TV + retail advertising.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

What if you had second-by-second video consumption data from 23+ million TVs in the United States? What do you think you could do with it?

Someone had an idea. 🤔

Walmart just shelled out a cool $2.3 billion to snag VIZIO. The goal? To grab one of the rarest television data sets and weave VIZIO's SmartCast OS into Walmart Connect.

Fun fact: VIZIO is an American company. I think most Americans assume they are just another brand from Asia. Sure, most of the manufacturing is in Mexico or overseas, but the company is headquartered in Irvine, CA, making them the most "American" TV you can buy.

To most folks in the market, the future of shopping involves bombarding us with even slicker ads while we binge-watch our favorite shows. However, that's just what it looks like to the average civilian. The reality is the equivalent of buying the most gold-rich ground in the entire TV ecosystem.

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