The ANA Media conference in Orlando, FL had the atmosphere of a college reunion with a light dash of antagonism. Here's AdLingo's recap of the event.

January 2023

A lot of talk about a tent, some rotting apples, a luau, and politicians! The AdLingo IAB ALM 2023 recap.
It was a refreshing but different CES this year. Same trends, different attendance.

October 2022

The billions spent with little measurement to prove it.

September 2022

And other ways to artificially increase audience.

January 2022

Prediction for the 2022 digital media and adtech landscape

October 2021

Look at that big, beautiful piece of glass hanging on your living room wall. Chances are, it is the “identity anchor” of your home. It is the shining…

September 2021

A blurring of the lines between digital and shopper marketing with massive profits for retailers.

April 2021

A handy resource to get you started on the journey to build a solid adtech foundation within your digital marketing organization.

March 2021

The resolution and interoperability of third-party targeting data continues to deteriorate while first-party data remains a strategic asset.
Google's re-announcement has the digital ad industry on tilt. Here's who really needs to be concerned.
Changing ad agencies not only impacts your media buying and operations. It often means a change in your entire ad tech stack. What to consider if making…