CTV: $20B Faith-based marketplace

The billions spent with little measurement to prove it.

Travis Lusk
Travis Lusk

The argument

Perhaps never have we seen an advertising marketplace spring up with so little measurability. Yet there is a line of brands down the block desperate to spend. Consequently, investing in CTV is a faith-based exercise where we trust the marketplace to deliver on the promise without verifiable proof of delivery or quality.

At the top, I firmly believe that 100% of television advertising will be addressable and delivered to viewers via internet pipes within ten years. There is zero chance that the current linear business model survives into the next decade.


Today, it is a mess.

Measurement of campaign delivery and performance, in line with modern internet protocol-based activation systems, simply does not exist. Yet.

Our industry faces a confluence of challenges, including technology interoperability and poor [non-existent] incentives to change.

Hang on just a second

You: “Travis, today I’m able to measure my CTV delivery and performance.”

Me: “Mmm…no you’re not. You’ve just been led to believe that’s true.”

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