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Real-Time Conversation with Display Ads?

Real-Time Conversation with Display Ads?

Well, isn’t this adorable. “Conversational” display ad units?

Here’s a new (?) ad tech startup called AdLingo. Obviously, a terrific name. It solves the enormous problem consumers have had with display advertising: not being able to talk with a fake person right inside the ad experience.

The wait is finally over. You can now chat with a bot right within the banner ad and it will…wait…where are you going? Come back!

Here’s a quote from the AdLingo site:

Drive helpful engagement
Reduce user drop-off by delivering immediate value and minimizing the burden of visiting multiple sites and apps.

Minimizing the burden? The burden?


I absolutely love technology, innovation, and disruptions of the status quo. The traditional display advertising unit is clearly ripe, if not overdue, for some change. However, what’s the problem this solution really solves?

It seems more like the classic solution in search of a problem.

There’s not a single consumer on Earth that has ever wished they could chat with someone right from within a display advertising experience.

The only place where it makes sense is perhaps a forced ad viewing experience such as a preroll or video commercial. At least there, if you are forced to sit through a 30+ second experience, you can make it interactive.

But in display? Sigh.

I’m sure they have some amazing statistics about the power of the engagement in their units, the sales it drives, etc. However, there’s no way those results scale. If I had to guess, 0.001% of people actually engage with the unit. Once that smaaaallll population does engage, I’m sure the results a are compelling. But really, does it justify the inevitably higher cost?

Chatbots are a dime-a-dozen these days. However, if AdLingo has created proprietary chatbot tech specifically for brands and it is turnkey and scaleable, that is way more interesting than these ad units.

Hopefully, they do own their own chatbot intellectual property. As a VC, that’s all I’d be interested in because the display unit application of it is not very compelling. It’s a nice proof of concept, but that’s about it.

This seems more like a feature that is sure to be ripped off if it shows any promise. Customizable chatbot AI is where the real juice in this fruit sits.

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Valassis Digital sees 10% improvement with Adlingo over Facebook Newsfeed Units

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