Oct 5, 2022 • 7M

CTV: $20B Faith-based marketplace

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Travis Lusk
<p>AdLingo aims to explain both the complex and silly issues in the digital advertising industry. We believe that companies of all sizes are leaving a massive opportunity on the table by not taking full control of their marketing strategies, activations, and budgets and simply outsourcing it to third parties. Too many brands are using a marketing model designed 20 years ago and wonder why their returns are falling off a cliff.</p><br><p>Becoming a digital-first brand is not a line item on a P&amp;L. It requires a ground-up overhaul of the marketing department that tosses out the existing playbook.</p><br><p>Sound interesting? Subscribe and see what we mean. It is free.</p>
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Perhaps never have we seen an advertising marketplace spring up with so little measurability. Yet there is a line of brands down the block desperate to spend.

At the top, I firmly believe that 100% of television advertising will be addressable and delivered to viewers via internet pipes within ten years. There is zero chance that the current linear business model survives into the next decade.

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Today, it is a mess.

Measurement of campaign delivery and performance, in line with modern internet protocol-based activation systems, simply does not exist. Yet.

Our industry faces a confluence of challenges, including technology interoperability and poor [non-existent] incentives to change.

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